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Pixel Jellyfish Massacre+: Tentative changes

2010-11-16 17:04:20 by Bythemark

This is for myself, mainly. Update post- ISS release

When I'm finished with my next project, or when I don't feel like working on it, I'm going to update JPM. This is a a list of things I want to do with it, mostly so I can come back and look at it...

1-Option for autofire and mouse movement of ship. | mouse-aim and autofire
2-way to shoot vertically | check
3-Better hitboxes for big guys | meh
4-Ship animation/redone art | check
5-More damaged sprites for purple/blue/big| check
6-At least one more enemy | 2
7-A boss? | no
8-Life counter | check
9-X amount of points=1UP | medpacks


Next Project

2010-11-15 15:22:12 by Bythemark

Work has already begun on my next project. It'll be an arena fighter. I'll keep it low-res and one screen, no v-cam to keep it simple. I'll start posting demos when I have a working player, gun, and an enemy that responds to being hit.

Released Pixel Jellyfish Massacre!

2010-11-14 16:17:17 by Bythemark

My first flash game. Wooo. About 900 lines of code, the song is about 70% of the file size ;). Worth it. Anyway, the game's here.

Edit: Awesome! It made it through judgment with a "great score" of 3.01/5 and about 400 plays with 200 some votes.

edit2: no longer great. 2.92, oh well.

Who is this?

2010-10-28 19:12:40 by Bythemark

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I make fractals, using Apo7X ( and then GIMP for post-render work. I'll post a more full bio...when I feel like it.